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How To create account on Moong News

Step 1

To create your account visit https://news.touristerguide.com/register and enter your First Name, Last name, Email-id, Password, Password again (to confirm), followed by your country and your gender and at last CAPTCHA¬† to verify that you’re human.

Tip for Choosing Password

Always make sure that your password contain a lowercase character (a-z), an uppercase character (A-Z), a symbol (!,@,#,$, etc) and a number (0-9)

Step 2

Open your email account to verify your email-id

In case you don't recieve your email

If you don’t receive confirmation mail from us, check your spam mailbox, or wait for sometime, and still if no email is received, then contact us at support@touristerguide.com

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Updated on November 17, 2018

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