UI updates for Wand along with night mode

Wand has been an efficient tool to WhatsApp anyone without saving number, hence we’ve updated it’s UI to help users.

Updates we have done

Phone Number Input Field

The phone number field curve designs have been changed to make it more easily accessible

Message Button

The button colors have been adjusted along with less curves to increase focus on message button for faster interactions.

Sharing Buttons

New bold borders have been announced to previous sharing buttons and their circular design has been replaced by squircle design also colors have been also changed.

Curve designs of all elements

All elements including phone fields, buttons, links, footer have got their curves reduced to gain a more comprehensive design

Phone number on confirmation page along with edit link included

The phone number on confirmation page previously used to reduce focus from main button, which has been improved by giving it an underlined design. Also the number now contains a link to edit by just tapping on the same.

Phone number edit button

Edit Phone button used to be of the same size as of message button which has been improved by reducing it’s size.

An auto-detect Night mode

A new night mode has been developed with a tint of blue in it. Currently there’s no option to manually activate the night mode, However it can be accessed by changing the phone/ computer’s mode to night mode. Which will be auto detected by the app and show night mode.

You can check now Send WhatsApp without saving number